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Youth Care Worker

The Youth Care Worker I provides safety and security to the facility through youth supervision. Ensures that the facility behavior management system is enforced. Participates as a member of the facility treatment team, assisting youth with meeting performance goals. Completes observation checks and provides role model behavior to assist youth with problem solving and competency development.

  • Date Posted: 05/21/2019
  • Location: Tampa
  • Reference #: 10842700
  • Contact: E-mail resume in Word Document with Ref# to:

Metal Stud Framer

  • Framing of exterior and interior light and heavy gauge metal studs
  • Hang exterior sheathing
  • Install batt insulation
  • Hang interior drywall
  • Install sound caulk and fire caulk
  • Install ceiling grid
  • Ceiling tile
  • Other duties may apply

  • Date Posted: 04/23/2019
  • Location: Tampa
  • Reference #: 10937542
  • Contact: E-mail resume in Word Document with Ref# to:

Drywall Finisher

  • Apply drywall to walls or ceilings
  • Fasten drywall panels to the inside framework of building
  • Prepare panels for painting by taping or finishing joints
  • Smooth out imperfections
  • Work with ceiling tile installers to build walls
  • Measure, cut, fit, and fasten panels
  • Prepare panels by sawing, drilling, or cutting holes in panels for electrical outlets, air-conditioning units, and plumbing
  • Screw panels to wood or metal framework
  • Use a lift to place ceiling panels
  • Fill joints in-between panels with spackle

  • Date Posted: 04/23/2019
  • Location: Tampa FL
  • Reference #: 10937526
  • Contact: E-mail resume in Word Document with Ref# to:

Line Supply

Supplies assigned department operator(s), including mattress line and foundation, with raw materials and work-in-process components according to the production schedule and product build. Performs work at a pace to support fast paced just-in time (JlT) production levels. Assists operator with quality monitoring, basic machine maintenance and supplies, and housekeeping in work area. Operates various industrial pneumatic tools and other equipment as required in order to efficiently produce foundation sub-assemblies per quality, quantity and minimal scrap/waste standards.

  • Date Posted: 04/30/2019
  • Location: Plant City
  • Reference #: 10942586
  • Contact: E-mail resume in Word Document with Ref# to:

Teacher & Assistant Teacher

The Teacher and Assistant Teacher will be responsible for working with teachers and children in early childhood centers, daycares, preschools, Head Start and after-school car. Daily tasks and responsibilities may include playground supervision, meal supervision, and age appropriate educational instruction, diaper changing, facilitating nap time, cleaning and prepping supplies.

  • Date Posted: 06/26/2019
  • Location: Tampa
  • Reference #: 10857768
  • Contact: E-mail resume in Word Document with Ref# to:

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